Flash Exhibition Ideas

stairs: look at back stairway.  front stairway is heavily used. the photo is of the front stairway.

i want to make a cut-away of the stairs covered in order to create a link between the stairs and the folded paper but i'm not sure it will do what i want.  i'm wondering if i use a stairwell the single function of the interior will mean that i don't need to create a physical tie between the flight of stairs and the folded mapping of the stairs sitting on the landing...




back nook: i feel compelled to do something in this little space.  initially i thought i wanted to line it with half-tone gradients that form a relationship with the ducts to the left.  


nook idea.jpg

i also have thought about using the panels at the top of the building with the gradients to bring attention to the ducts.



Marci Tackett