Artist Statement: Underwater Series


Underwater Series

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been an observer of the underwater world.  I’ve found that people lose some inhibitions along with the easing of gravitational force.  They tangle and twist into their lovers bodies, they climb each other like trees, they throw each other, and they spit, splash and dance; they devise new ways to play and commingle physically.  Simply put, everyone’s load is lightened a bit in the water.  

To me, the underwater world seems to be a world of infinite possibilities and impossible freedoms; a world of quiet calm and tranquil blue caught by the web of sunlight’s patterns dancing with every slight disturbance  and shifting with each passing cloud.  It’s a world where the weak can carry the strong, the infirm can be full of graceful movement.  The rules of life on land can be momentarily cast aside.

It is a world where we can fly.

These photographs were taken in Glenwood Springs, Colorado between 1994 and 1999.

Shown at Kala Art Institute in an exhibition entitled Water World in 2003. 

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