Artist Statement: RIP



rip  |rɪp|
verb ( rips, ripping, ripped )
1 [ with obj. and adverbial of direction ] tear or pull (something) quickly or forcibly away from something or someone
[ with obj. ] make a long tear or cut in
[ with obj. ] make (a hole) by force
[ no obj. ] come violently apart; tear
abbr. Latin
requiescat in pace (may he rest in peace; may she rest in peace)

It is the act of ripping up a solid length of fabric that has initiated these related bodies of works on paper.  A personal circumstance created the impulse to begin the action -- to feel it, to hear it happen.  The works themselves have been generated as a side effect of applying subsequent processes to the strips of ripped fabric; thus, the subject of this collection of works is it’s selfsame processes and materials.    

I set up circumstances that experience tells me will yield successful results but I let the action, be it physical  (gravity) or mechanical (etching press), determine the composition and the outcome of the works.  

The ripped fabric strips form the material foundation of the works; everything stems from the breaking down of this length of black calico but, as just those departed inform our experience, the ripped fabric creates it’s impact without being seen.  It’s influence is reflected in shadows and impressions.

Shown at Toi Pōneki Gallery in an exhibition entitled RIP in 2014.

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