Artist Statement: Process II; Colour & Layer


Colour & Layer

ˈkʌl / noun: color
1. the property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way it reflects or emits light.

Colour and layering are the defining elements in this body of work. By using CMYK process colours (cyan, magenta and yellow) the work utilises the language of industrial image reproduction. Instead of working on the usual microscopic scale (such as colour newspaper photos with their tiny dots of CMYK ink that create a full-colour image) these works blow the process up to a scale where the illusion is broken and the layered colour relationship can be experienced on a visceral level. While the works are physically flat, shifting illusions of depth are created by the interplay of colour. One colour shifts as others are printed on top. Within the image the illusion of physical depth (positive and negative space) is mutable as well; a shape sitting in the front of the picture plane has the potential to shift to the back and vice versa.
Each work is begun with meditative scribbling; I express my physicality through this action. The marks record the degree of tension and speed with which I am drawing, as well as the range-of- motion and proportion in my hands, arms and shoulders. It is important to me to include this self- portrait of sorts. I make a spontaneous mark then I translate it into a shape which I cut into a stencil, ink up and layer. Every layer creates a new problem or a new solution. The push and pull of control and risk-taking is at the heart of my creative process allowing for works that reveal themselves in different ways each time they are seen.

Shown at Solander Gallery in exhibitions entitled Works on Paper and Made By Hand in 2015.

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